Are you an experienced supervisor who would like to explore specific topics or a first-time supervisor who would like to develop your skills?

Check out the Empire Knowledgebank courses below to help put you on track.

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Supervisor/Manager - On-line Training

For First-Time Supervisors

Course Title Course #/Syllabus Type
Understanding a Manager's Role mgmt_16_a01_bs_enus Course
Meeting Expectations mgmt_16_a03_bs_enus Course

Management Essentials

Course Title Course #/Syllabus Type
Directing Other’s mgmt_15_a01_bs_enus Course
Developing Your Direct Reports mgmt_15_a03_bs_enus Course
Confronting Difficult Employee Behavior mgmt_15_a04_bs_enus Course
Managing a Diverse Team mgmt_15_a05_bs_enus Course
Managing According to the Platinum Rule 106812 Video
Managing for People Who Hate Managing 106811 Video
Making the Move into Management _pc_ch_lach029 Challenge Series

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