Having the confidence and foresight to make good decisions and
solve problems is not easy.
Many supervisors, managers, and contributors are challenged to use
these skills every day, you’re not alone.

Check out the Empire Knowledgebank courses below to help put you on track.

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Making Decisions & Problem Solving - On-line Training

Course TitleCourse#/SyllabusType
Problem Solving: The Fundamentals pd_12_a01_bs_enus Course
Problem Solving: Determining and pd_12_a02_bs_enus Course
Problem Solving: Digging Deeper pd_12_a03_bs_enus Course
Decision Making: The Fundamentals pd_12_a04_bs_enus Course
Decision Making: Tools and Techniques pd_12_a05_bs_enus Course
Decision Making: Making Tough Decisions pd_12_a06_bs_enus Course
Moving to Dynamic Problem Solving 39217 Video
Empowering Decision Making 49366 Video

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