Instructions for Completing the Fillable PDF Application for NYS/UUP JLMC Funds

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to filling out the application, open the application and save it to your files.

Before filling out the application, please review the guidelines for the program to which you are applying.


Fill out the required information about yourself.

Indicate whether the participant(s) are full-time or part-time.

For projects or activities involving UUP represented employees from more than one campus, also enter the number for each category from each campus. If the actual number of participants is unknown at the time of applying, enter an estimate of the number. The actual number of participants must be provided on the Program Evaluation form after the project or activity is completed.


Section 1

Date of proposed project or activity.

Section 2.A

Title of project or activity

Section 2.B

A brief summary of the project or activity in 250 words or fewer must be provided. Do not enter “see attached.” Although additional information pertaining to the project or activity may be attached, it should not be in lieu of a brief summary.

Section 3 - For Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Applications ONLY

This section must be completed to process an application for the Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Leave Program.

Section 3.A

Appointment dates for Continuing or Permanent appointment

Section 3.B

Date of submission of tenure review file refers to either the date an academic employee’s file for continuing appointment will be submitted to the departmental committee for review or the date a professional employee’s supervisor will make a recommendation on a permanent appointment.

Part C: Budget Summary

Enter the start and end dates for each semester of the proposed project or activity. If applying for a multi-semester project or activity, a separate Budget Summary must be submitted for each semester.


Enter expenses for all categories related to the project or activity that are permitted by the program guidelines. Leave blank any categories for which funding is not being requested.

A 40% campus contribution of the total cost of the project or activity is required for ALL programs except for the following:

The 40% campus contribution is not required of each category, only that the campus commits to paying 40% of the total cost of the project or activity if it is required by the program guidelines. An application will not be processed without the 40% campus contribution.

Section 1. Travel and Related Expenses

If the proposed project or activity requires more than one trip, include a separate entry for each additional trips.

Section 2. Tuition (at the SUNY rate)

Tuition Expenses must be at or below the SUNY rate for the type of course: undergraduate courses will be reimbursed at the SUNY undergraduate rate and graduate courses will be reimbursed at the applicable SUNY graduate rate.

Section 3. Registration for conference, seminars or workshops

Provide the name of event and cost associated with attending.

Section 4. Other Expenses (Describe and specify the amount requested)

List expenses related to the proposed project or activity that are in addition to those already included in the Budget Summary. A specific justification for these “Other Expenses” must be provided. A statement such as “needed for the project” is not an acceptable justification.

PART D: Required Attachments

Check that all required attachments listed on the application are being included with the application. The application will not be processed without the required attachments.

Check the acknowledgment section.


Print, sign and date the application.

Obtain the required signatures of the campus president or designee, and the UUP chapter president for all applications except for:

Applications will not be processed without the required signatures.

Submitting Applications

For Individual Development Awards Program applications ONLY:

DO NOT send Individual Development Awards Program applications to the NYS/UUP JLMC staff.

For all other programs, send the signed application, with required attachments, to NYS/UUP JLMC staff as follows:

NYS/UUP Joint Labor-Management Committees
2 Empire State Plaza, 13th Floor
Albany, New York 12223
Phone: 518.486.4666 FAX: 518.486.9220