Employment Committee

The Employment Committee studies potential employee displacement problems due to programmatic changes or reductions, curtailments, relocations, reallocation of resources, consolidations and technological changes. The Committee makes recommendations for the solution of these problems and provides funds for accessing resources, training and retraining for retrenched or high-risk employees for continued employment. Funds are made available for:

Employment Coaching and Placement Program

Assists employees who are retrenched or who are perceived to be at high risk of retrenchment with resume preparation, testing, coaching and placement fees, and travel costs.

Retraining Fellowship Program

Assists employees who are retrenched, or who have been notified of retrenchment, or are perceived to be at high risk of retrenchment, or whose retraining would accommodate shifting program needs to pursue an organized course of study in order to attain other employment opportunities or to maintain their current employment.

Enrollment Enhancement Program

Provides funding to academic departments experiencing declining student enrollments for a project or activity that will significantly enhances student enrollment.

The Campus Grants Program also provides funding for initiatives related to employment.