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Calendar Year Employee Leave Program

Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines


The Calendar Year Employee Leave Program (formerly Special Projects Fund Program) is intended to provide release time and salary replacement to assist eligible employees in developing their full professional potential and in preparing for advancement. Only expenses surrounding salary for a replacement for a period of at least five days will be considered for funding. All other expenses that might be required to conduct the project or activity must be provided by other sources. Employees who accrue annual leave are not required to charge those credits for any project or activity funded by this Program.. A maximum of $4,000 for salary replacement only may be awarded to eligible employees once in each award period.


  • Full-time employees with a calendar year (12 month) professional obligation.
  • A campus financial contribution of a minimum of 40% of the cost of salary for a replacement only. Joint Labor-Management Committees funds that have been awarded to the campus should not be included as a part of the campus's contribution. The amount requested under this program may not exceed the recipient's salary.
  • The proposed project or activity that enables the applicant to meet one or more of the criteria specified in Title A. Evaluation of Academic Employees, §4. Criteria (a) - (e); Title B. Promotion of Academic Employees, §2. Criteria (a) - (e); or Title C. Evaluation and Promotion of Professional Employees, §5. Criteria (a) - (e), of Article XII Evaluation and Promotion of Academic and Professional Employees, of the Policies of the Board of Trustees.
  • Projects or activities must fall within the following categories:
    • Basic, applied, or historical research.
    • Curriculum or instructional material development.
    • Workshop, seminar, internship, or course work not covered by Article 46, Program for Tuition Assistance or SUNY tuition waiver.
    • Conference participation or attendance.
    • Preparation of material for publication.
    • Grant proposal development.
    • Artistic or creative endeavors.
    • Professional reading or independent study.
    • Other work-related professional development projects or activities.
  • A description of the project or activity, conference, seminar, or workshop must include:
    • Type of event, event site, and sponsor.
    • Whether you are presenting a paper or formally participating. Provide the title of the paper, nature of the presentation.
    • A letter of acceptance of your paper, poster, or other proposal. If acceptance is pending, notify the Campus Professional Development Committee as soon as possible.
    • How this project or activity will further your professional development or otherwise assist in preparing for advancement.

Application Deadlines

  • On or before April 1 of each year for leave commencing July 1 or later.
  • On or before August 1 of each year for leave commencing January 1 or later.

The decision to fund an application is at the discretion of the Committee.

Application Process

  1. Read the Application Instructions.
  2. Fill out and print the Application and attach supporting documents listed below
  3. Have the Application signed by the campus president or designee and the UUP chapter president.
  4. Send the Application with required supporting documents to the JLMC staff.


  • An updated brief curriculum vita.
  • A brochure, announcement, or other relevant material describing the project or activity.
  • A list of other grant support for the project or activity.
  • A letter showing that the employee's activity has merit, that release time is necessary for coverage of the employee's work, and that a replacement will actually be hired.
  • A letter of endorsement for leave from the chief academic officer or designee.
  • A letter from the campus president or designee indicating the campus's financial contribution of a minimum of 40% of the cost of salary for a replacement for the duration of the leave. Joint Labor-Management Committees' funds that have been awarded to the campus should not be included as part of the campus's contribution.
  • Additional information may be requested by the Committee.

Program Evaluation

A Program Evaluation must be submitted within 30 days of completing the project or activity. If the funded project or activity has already been completed at the time of the award, the evaluation must be completed within 30 days of the award notification. The Committee may postpone taking action on subsequent applications submitted by the award recipient until the Program Evaluation is received.

General Program Information

The General Program Information section provides specific information pertaining to the disbursement of New York State/United University Professions Joint Labor-Management Committees' funds, including application follow-up, acknowledgement of committee funds, expenditure limitations, reimbursement of expenditures, equipment policy, and contacts.

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