Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee provides funding for professional development activities: providing training to improve job performance; assisting employees in developing their full professional potential; and preparing for advancement.

Individual Development Awards Program

The Individual Development Awards Program is the largest of all NYS/UUP JLMC programs. Proportional allocations are assigned to each campus based on the number of UUP represented employees on a campus. Award decisions and deadline dates are determined by each Campus Professional Development Committee.

Calendar Year Employee Leave

The Calendar Year Employee Leave is designed to provide release time and salary for a replacement to assist eligible employees to participate in activities to develop their full professional potential and to prepare for advancement.

Professional Development Grant Program

The Professional Development Grant Program is intended to fund a professional development project or activity to assist three or more employees to develop their professional potential and to prepare for advancement. Eligibility is similar to the Individual Development Awards Programs.

Online Self-Study Courses

A series of online self-study courses are available to employees who would like to further their professional development including supervisory and leadership skills.

The Campus Grants Program also provides funding for initiatives related to professional development.