SUNY System-Wide Staff Development Workshops

Managing Change with Skill and Finesse: This workshop offers an interactive approach to understanding and managing change in the workplace. Participants are encouraged to examine their own attitudes about change while being given the tools to guide others through change.

Enhance Your Supervisory Skills: This workshop aims to provide supervisors with an overview on the skills needed for successful supervision. Participants will examine leadership styles and plan ways to improve their specific skills and behaviors. Topics will include motivating employees, time management techniques, effective communication, impact of communication on the work environment, and strategies to deal with challenging workplace behaviors.

Respectful Communication and Conflict Resolution: This workshop moves beyond communication "basics" and examines how what we say can affect those around us. Participants are encouraged to identify their role in contributing to respect, tension or problems in the workplace. Techniques for making sure we understand what someone has said, caring about the way we come across and showing people we value their ideas are shared. This workshop also addresses ways to resolve conflict while improving relationships.

To request one of these workshops at a specific campus, please fill out a SUNY System-Wide Staff Development Workshop Request Form.