Summary of Campus Grants Program Projects and Activities Funded by the NYS/UUP Joint Labor-Management Campus Grants Committee

The following are summaries of the projects and activities funded by the Campus Grants Committee with NYS/UUP Joint Labor-Management Committee funds. The Campus Grants Program is intended to supplement projects or activities that are funded with a minimum of a 40% campus contribution. The projects or activities are designed to meet the needs of the campuses and UUP represented employees at a single campus or multiple campuses including developing or enhancing cooperative problem solving, promoting professional development, creative use and understanding of technology, safer working conditions and understanding and facilitating diversity in the workplace.

Additional information for these projects and activities can be obtained by contacting NYS/UUP JLMC staff.

Project: First Year Faculty Mentorship Program at Morrisville State College
Campus Sponsor: Morrisville
Description: New faculty were provided with opportunities to help them adjust to the college and ensure their success. They were paired with mentors who met with them on a weekly basis and who observed their classes to provide guidance. In addition, large group meetings among the new faculty were held to discuss important information and campus programs. A total of 15 new faculty members participated.

Project: SUNY Plattsburgh Leadership Academy
Campus Sponsor: Plattsburgh
Description: The SUNY Plattsburgh Leadership Academy trained nine campus peer facilitators who conducted eight trainings for UUP represented employees on topics related to leadership. The topics were based on identified needs for training for supervisors across the campus and included interpersonal skills, motivating employees, constructive criticism, leadership skills, dealing with difficult colleagues, and mentoring. A total of 39 employees attended the eight workshops with many people attending multiple workshops.

Project: The Second Founding of Purchase College: Forging Fidelity for the Future
Campus Sponsor: Purchase
Description: Through a conference-style event, using facilitator-led and informal discussion, the project brought together newer faculty and professional staff with more senior members with the aim of forging a more cohesive college community. A total of 110 employees participated.

Project: Training in Java SE7 Fundamentals
Campus Sponsor: System Administration
Description: As mainframe applications migrate to the web environment, 11 employees were trained in newer technologies in order to maintain SUNY business applications.

Project: Employee Career Management Program
Campus Sponsor: Binghamton and Purchase
Description: A three-year program provided short and long-term career and professional development for academic and professional staff through group workshops, individual coaching, and three booklets on career-related topics.

Project: Joy of Teaching Conference
Campus Sponsor: Plattsburgh (with participants from 14 other SUNY campuses)
Description: This one-day event was the inaugural conference on improving teaching performance by the Plattsburgh Center for Teaching Excellence.

Project: Conference: Conversations in the Capital District on Hormones
Campus Sponsor: SUNY Albany (with participants from Downstate Health Science Center and University at Buffalo)
Description: This two-day conference brought together those working in hormone research for a dialogue on current findings in the field. The proceedings of the conference were published in two special issues of Physiology and Behavior in Fall/Spring 2010.

Project: Conference on Teaching and Learning: Pull the Plug and Light the Fire
Campus Sponsor: Plattsburgh (with participants from other SUNY campuses.)
Description: Established opportunities for the development of faculty teaching and enriched conversation with faculty at other SUNY campuses. The theme was getting back to the fundamentals of good teaching.

Project: Departmental and Research Administrators Series
Campus Sponsor: University at Buffalo
Description: Provided training for departmental and research administrators who have a basic knowledge of university and research procedures and who want to improve their skills and advance in their careers.

Project: Annual Council on Writing Conference: Teaching Writing for Social Justice
Campus Sponsor: Plattsburgh (with participants from other campuses)
Description: These annual conferences promote system-wide discussions among those who teach Composition and Writing Across the Curriculum. This year's conference focused on the connection between writing and social justice. Participants explored the role of writing and its implications for students' work in varied professions, as well as assignment design and evaluation.

Project: The Fifth International Conference on Ethical Issues in Biomedical Engineering
Campus Sponsor: Downstate Health Science Center (with participants from other campuses)
Description: Internationally known scientists and administrators discussed the challenging ethical issues faced in their research and practice. The abstracts of the talks were published in an international journal and selected papers were published in Ethics in Biology, Engineering and Medicine.

Project: Abolishing the Chains of Slavery: Central New Yorkers to the Rescue
Campus Sponsor: Cortland
Description: The Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum's "Traveling Abolition Museum" exhibit was housed in the campus library for a month. Events that were held to coincide with the exhibit were an opening celebration, a sponsored lecture on Central New Yorkers' contributions to the abolition movement, and a day-long series of presentations and performances re-enacting some of an escaped slave's speeches and life.

Project: Diversity Leadership Training Initiative – Train the Trainers – Funded for two years
Campus Sponsor: Cortland (with participants from New Paltz and Oneonta)
Description: The first year's goal was to facilitate curriculum transformation through pedagogical modeling and diversity infusion; the second year's was to establish diversity institutes on other campuses.

Project: Succeeding as Women in Higher Education
Campus Sponsor: Cortland
Description: Developed an action plan to establish best practices for improving the campus climate for women; promoted networking among colleagues to implement the action plan and to further scholarship in the field.

Project: Diversity Training: Train-the-Trainer Project
Campus Sponsor: Albany
Description: A Train-the-Trainer approach to organizational capacity building was implemented to deal with the root causes of prejudice and inequality. The training's goal was to develop people and strengthen the institution in order to encourage the creation of environments where differences and inclusion are valued and divergent points of view can be presented in an atmosphere that ensures safety and respect for everyone on campus.

Project: Civility in the Workplace
Campus Sponsor: Plattsburgh
Description: A year long, multi-phase project was implemented to promote and enhance a civil workplace. Employee surveys were conducted to identify issues. Based on the survey results, lectures, presentations and workshops, a poster contest, and newsletter articles were used to promote a healthy and civil work environment.

Project: Three-day conference: Building a Positive workplace Environment: How to Minimize Workplace Stress and Aggression by Fostering Healthy Communication and Respect
Campus Sponsors: Potsdam and Canton
Description: Presentations and workshops promoted awareness of a healthy and productive workplace environment.

Project: Training and Certification of Mediators
Campus Sponsor: Potsdam
Description: Mediators were trained for the Campus Dispute Resolution Center to assist voluntary mediation of disputes deemed not to be contractual, affirmative action or University Police matters. These mediators will also provide education and workshops for the general campus community.


Project: Climates of Change: A CNY Arts, Poetry, and Theatre Festival
Campus Sponsor: Morrisville
Description: Climates of Change was an Art, Poetry, and Theatre Festival designed to encourage dialogue about climate change in Central New York (CNY). Starting in the Fall of 2015 and leading up to a two week festival in April 2015, events were presented to spark discussion and engage participants to think about and personally react to the theme of climate change in their community. Art, rather than lectures, was used as the medium of choice to spark discussion rather than an orchestrated event where people are told what to think and do. The performing arts, visual arts, and poetry as well as artist visits to high schools and a series of theatrical performances were the main activities used to achieve their goals. Morrisville State College had commitments from partners at regional high schools, colleges, and the wider CNY community.


Project: A Celebration of a Century of Ethnic History: Contributions of Ethnic Communities to Buffalo and Western New York at Buffalo State College
Campus Sponsor: Buffalo State College
Description: This event was a two day conference hosted by the Monroe Fordham Regional History Center. It brought together students, faculty, and community members to celebrate the rich history of this region. The conference included round tables, keynote speakers, and panel presentations.

Project: Support for the presentation of a film and participation in a panel discussion
Campus Sponsors: SUNY Upstate (with participants from other colleges including Environmental Science and Forestry and Cornell)
Description: Focused on building collaboration between academic disciplines in multiple central New York universities, the project presented a new documentary film: An Ecology of Mind, followed by a panel discussion. Bringing attention to problem-solving approaches, the film and discussion tackled the interdisciplinary boundaries and the need for innovative developmental collaboration between specialized fields of study.

Project: Oneonta Speakers’ Bureau
Campus Sponsors: Oneonta (with participants from SUNY Colleges of Technology)
Description: Intended to increase academic and professional engagement with the greater Oneonta community, this grant established a speakers' bureau which made faculty available to give presentations in their areas of expertise at K-12 schools, Colleges of Technology and Community Colleges.